Diamond Warranty


Valley Truck Parts, Inc. Remanufactured units are warranted for parts and labor to repair or replace the subject unit due to defects in material or workmanship. Warranty labor coverages are set in the Warranty Flat Rate Chart (Refer to Labor Rate Chart). The Warranty period begins on date of installation.

Warranty process for Remanufactured units purchased from Valley Truck Parts, Inc.

Remanufactured units that have been authorized to be replaced under warranty suspicion will be invoiced to the original point of sale customer. It is the responsibility of this customer to assist the end user in completing the repair and billing. Once the failed unit has arrived at Valley Truck Parts, Inc. it will be evaluated for the warranty claim. If the returned unit has been deemed a warrantable failure, Valley Truck Parts, Inc. will credit back the customer and pay the associated labor bill based on the Warranty Flat Rate Chart. (Refer to Labor Rate Chart)

Valley Truck Parts, Inc. Remanufactured unit warranty does not cover normal wear and tear; nor does it cover a unit that fails, malfunctions, or is damaged as a result of (unless a Diamond Care Protection was purchased) :

1. Improper installation, adjustment, repair, or modification.

2. Accident, natural disaster, or theft (Not covered under any warranty level)                       

3. Abuse, or improper use of unit (including, but not limited to high velocity spin damage and shock load damage).

4. Improper or insufficient maintenance (including, but not limited to improper lube levels, improper lube change intervals, or using improper lubricants).

5. Failure to properly clean and flush out any components prior to installation (including, but not limited to differential housings, oil line, oil coolers or PTO’s).

6. Vibration from engine, clutch, driveline or improperly installed components that cause damage (including, but not limited to synchronizer pin breakage).

7. Oil leaks caused by the installation of worn or defective parts (including, but not limited to the clutch housing, yokes, PTO, or oil lines).

Valley Truck Parts, Inc. will not be liable for any perceived loss due to a warrantable failure including, but not limited to downtime, loss of productivity, economic loss, inconvenience, vehicle rental expense, lodging, meals, or other travel costs. Valley Truck Parts, Inc. reserves the right to dictate how and where warranty service is performed.

Valley Truck Parts, Inc. will pay, in connection with a warrantable failure, any towing service expense incurred (maximum $500) to bring a unit to a service facility dictated by Valley Truck Parts, Inc. This towing charge will be credited to the dealer account once approved.