All of our wide selection of remanufactured parts are restored to OEM specifications to ensure that you are getting the highest quality parts available. We offer a wide variety of parts from top manufacturers such as Allison, Eaton, Meritor, and many more.

Valley Truck Parts Inc. Limited Warranty

Valley Truck Parts, Inc. warranties apply to remanufactured components sold to customers by Valley Truck Parts or an approved business partner. Only products used as replacements for original equipment and original intended use will be warrantied. All warranty claims must be submitted to Valley Truck Parts, Inc. within thirty (30) days of component failure and must include all required Valley Truck Parts Warranty documentation. Warranty exclusions may include (but are not limited to): damages caused by improper maintenance, abuse of the vehicle and/or modification of vehicles beyond manufacturer’s guidelines. The customer is responsible to understand and follow Valley Truck Parts warranty procedures.

Warranty Claim Procedure

All warranty claims must be initiated to Valley Truck Parts with the following information available. Failure to do so may result in warranty claim delay and/or denial.

  • Original Valley Truck Parts invoice
  • Date and mileage at time of failure
  • Description of complaint, failure, fault codes and inspection results
  • Vehicle 17-digit VIN
  • Component model and serial number
  • Total labor hours to complete repair
  • Email and phone number of primary contact for warranty claim
  • Valley Truck Parts salesperson from original sale

The customer must provide payment through a purchase order for a replacement unit to be approved and sent. If necessary, Valley Truck Parts will issue a bill of lading for return shipping costs for the failed unit. Valley Truck Parts Warranty department will complete the warranty analysis procedure in 3 – 5 business days after arrival of the failed unit. The Valley Warranty department will contact the original end-user customer regarding the determination and to finalize the claim.

The customer is responsible to properly verify that the remanufactured unit is the cause of the failure and/or complaint. Failure to accurately diagnose the complaint could result in slower processing and/or rejection of the warranty claim. Valley Truck Parts is not responsible for any labor costs associated with diagnosing or testing unless approved in writing by the Valley Warranty Department.

Limitations and Exclusions:

Valley Truck Parts, Inc. warranty on remanufactured units does not apply to normal wear and tear, nor does it apply to a unit that fails, malfunctions or is damaged as a result of:

  • Improper installation, adjustment, repair or modification
  • Accident, natural disaster, abuse or improper use (including, but not limited to: high velocity spin damage and shock load damage)
  • Improper or insufficient maintenance (including, but not limited to: improper lube levels, improper lube change intervals or improper lubricants)
  • Failure to properly clean and flush out any components prior to installation (including, but not limited to: differential housings, oil lines, oil coolers and PTO’s)
  • Vibration from engine, clutch, driveline or improperly installed components that cause damage (including, but not limited to: synchronizer pin breakage)
  • Oil leaks caused by the installation of worn or defective parts (including, but not limited to: clutch housing, yokes, PTO, or oil lines)

Valley Truck Parts, Inc. will not be liable for any perceived loss due to a warrantable failure including, but not limited to: downtime, loss of productivity, economic loss, inconvenience, vehicle rental expense, lodging, meals, or other travel costs. Valley Truck Parts, Inc. reserves the right to dictate how and where warranty service is performed.

Valley Truck Parts, Inc. agrees to pay reasonable towing service expenses (up to $500) incurred as a result of a valid warranty claim. If a valid claim is made during the applicable period, Valley Truck Parts Inc., as its option, will reimburse the end-user customer in the form of a credit to the customer’s account with Valley Truck Parts. All approved towing expenses (up to $500) will be reimbursed in the form of a credit to the customer’s account after a copy of the invoice is submitted to Valley Truck Parts, Inc. Customers without charge accounts will receive credits within 30 days of submission and approval in the form of a check.

A replacement unit assumes the remaining warranty of the original product. The warranty period is not extended or restarted due to a warranty claim.

All third-party items sold or installed by Valley Truck Parts are subject to the original manufacturer’s warranty coverages, labor and towing policies.

*The Following section of this policy applies to Allison Remanufactured Transmissions Only*

IF THE TRANSMISSION WAS INSTALLED BY AN AUTHORIZED SERVICE OUTLET – Towing is covered to the nearest remanufactures authorized service outlet only when necessary to prevent further damage to the transmission.

IF THE TRANSMISSION WAS SOLD “OVER THE COUNTER” – If the remanufactured transmission was sold “over the counter”, towing IS NOT COVERED by the remanufacture and is the responsibility of the owner.

IF THE TRANSMISSION WAS INSTALLED BY A REMANUFACTURES AUTHORIZED SERVICE OUTLET – The warranty period for all coverage’s for transmissions installed by an authorized service outlet shall begin on the invoice date. The warranty beginning date is not to exceed 24 months from the invoice purchase date for On-Highway Models, 24 months for School Bus Models and 6 months for Industrial & Construction Models. The warranty period for all coverage’s shall end at the expiration of the coverage set forth below. Only when the remanufactured transmission was originally installed by the remanufactures authorized service outlet will reasonable labor costs for transmission removal and reinstallation, when necessary to make a warranty repair, be covered by this warranty.

IF THE TRANSMISSION WAS SOLD “OVER THE COUNTER” – The warranty period begins on the date of sale for “over the counter” remanufactured transmission purchases (invoice date). The warranty beginning date is not to exceed 24 months from the date of purchase for On-Highway Models, 24 months for School Bus Models and 6 months for Industrial & Construction Models. Labor costs for removal and re-installation of the transmission, when necessary to make a warranty repair, ARE NOT COVERED by this warranty.

Warranty Flat Rate Chart

The flat rate chart below includes labor, oil and all other miscellaneous supplies

Allison Transmissions

Part Number Price
B400R, B500, HD4000, HD4500, HT740 Series, HT750 Series, HT754 Series $900
B300, MD3030, MD3060P, MD3066P, MD3560, MD3560P $800
1000 Series, 2000 Series, 2400 Series, 2500 Series, AT540, AT542(N), AT545N, AT545RM $600
MT640, MT643, MT650, MT653, MT654 $700


Part Type Price
Front Tandem Differential $700
Rear Tandem or Single Axle Differential $600
Front Steer Differential $700

Manual Transmission

Part Type Price
Heavy Duty Manual Transmission $900
Mid-Range Manual Transmission $600

Automated Transmission

Part Type Price
Volvo I-Shift / Mack M-Drive $900

Part Type Price
Heavy Duty Transfer Case $500
Light Duty Transfer Case $150

Part Type Price
Steering Box and Fifth Wheel $150

Seal leaking - (all units) Seal leaks are generally caused by installation or worn components (Yoke). Valley Truck Parts Inc. Limited Warranty will cover the cost of a replacement seal, nut and $150 for labor on one occurrence per unit purchased. The Warranty Department must be contacted for approval before the repair is completed $150

Towing - Valley Truck Parts Inc. Limited Warranty will reimburse up to $500 maximum to cover towing - (Approved warranty claims only) $500

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